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  • I was so happy that I got to help lives of people who are in need. I always try to participate in these cycling contests to help save a life.

    Robert C. Mitchell

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Top 5 Best Dive Computers for Beginners of 2019

Scuba diving is a sport which requires a lot of calculation along with physical training. The first thing a new scuba diver will need is a dive computer which will help you to plan your diving routines before you enter the water. A usual dive computer will have features like alarms for depth, time, and ascent rate. It will help you to keep a detailed log of every underwater dive. Most importantly, the dive computer will help in keeping you alert in each diving session to keep you under the limits and provides an added level of safety. There are hundreds of options available to choose the right dive computer for beginners, read on to find out the best picks considering all the necessary functions are available. Also, visit Scubalist.pro to get top scuba gear recommendations.

Mares Puck Pro

Mares Puck Pro

It is a user-friendly and easy to operate dive computer which is suitable for beginners because of its affordable price and one-button design which eases navigating menus. It has a durable build which is good for beginners for first time learning. Other features include an oversized solid plastic design, replaceable battery and extra-large backlit display for a chunky appearance.

Cressi Leonardo

Cressi Leonardo is another computer which is designed especially for new divers. It has a low profile watch style design which makes it comfortable for a diver to use underwater. It features adjustable safety settings to plan each dive, decompression settings for minimal risks, programmable visual, acoustic alarm, and more. The size of the screen is smaller than Mares Puck Pro, but it still is a good and affordable option for beginners.


Suunto Zoop Novo

It is one of the best selling dive computers in the market. Its classic Suunto Zoop was as famous as this new version. It has a strong build quality which can last for a long time, and its design is liked by the professionals because of its rugged design, easy to read display and super safe dive profiles. It also features a freediving mode which is suitable for daily use.

Mares Smart

Another diver-friendly wrist computer, with features packed well into a well-styled package. It is a small display computer as compared to Puck Pro but is an affordable device for newbies with advanced settings like gas switching, freediving, and freediving mode.

Suunto D41Novo

Suunto D41Novo

It is pretty advanced but still a user-friendly computer for beginners. It comes with 4 operating buttons to toggle through the menu. It has quite an attractive band which is suitable for casual purposes. Some of the features include gas switching, freediving, adjustable safety settings, ascent rate and more.

Super Foods That Help Fight Cancer

Do you want to know Super Foods That Help Fight Cancer? One thing you should keep in mind is that no single food can prevent cancer or cure it. However, research has shown that consuming the right diet can help in preventing cancer, for example, if you cut down on Trans fats, saturated fats and sugar. Ensure you eat vegetables, whole grains, omega-3s and fruits, which help your body in fighting cancer. However, there are certain super foods that stand out as a result of their nutritional benefits which help them in fighting cancer better than the rest. An additional benefit of these foods is they are tasty, which means you will enjoy consuming them. This article gives you these 6 superfoods.

“Atlantic” or “Boston” Mackerel

The omega-3s found in mackerel can greatly help you in fighting cancer. According to a recent study, it was found that people who consumed these types of fatty fish were less likely to develop prostate cancer. The credit goes to the vitamin D and omega-3s found in these fish. On the other hand, women who increased their intake of vitamin D were less likely to develop breast cancer. That means you should consider taking this superfood.


Walnuts may be small; however, they are among the Super Foods That Help Fight Cancer. They contain a vitamin referred to as gamma-tocopherol which stops the activation of the enzyme Akt—an which is important for cancer cell survival, that’s without harming healthy cells. These nuts also have the phytosterols (cholesterol-like molecules), which slow down breast cancer growth by blocking the estrogen receptors. You can easily add this to almost any dessert like easy desserts with jelly

Leafy Greens

Among the leafy greens to add to your diet are the spinach, kale, romaine lettuce and mustard greens since they are rich in nutrients and disease-fighting chemicals, which block breast, stomach, skin, and mouth and larynx cancer cells. If you want to pick one of them, consider choosing spinach.

Citrus Zest

Do you love eating lemons, oranges, and grapefruits? You should keep eating them, but make sure you consume the peels. That’s because they contain a compound that enhances your body’s ability to produce detoxifying enzymes. For example, zest has the ability to reduce squamous-cell skin cancer by almost 30% and shrinking existing tumors.


Tomatoes can help you in protecting your DNA from damage that can result in the lung, stomach, breast and other types of cancers. The reason is they contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant that fights cancer. For the best outcome, cook them since the process increases the amount of lycopene.

Whole-Grain Calories and Low Sugar

If you consume folic acid and fiber-rich cereals, you increase your chances of reducing breast cancer. However, you should remember that sugary cereal works against your health. That means you should ensure you only consume whole-grain calories and low sugar.


The above article on the Super Foods That Help Fight Cancer should make you consider consuming them. For additional abilities in fighting cancer, consider consuming berries since they are effective in preventing esophageal, prostate and colon cancers.



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